Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Five

Hey, Quillers! Howdy Thrillers!

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Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge

Elijah won last week’s #QuillsandThrillsFLTD with “It’s a cockroaches lustful nightmare. The food is a stealthy poison disguised as a feast. Avoiding the wasted lunch.” That’s the second FLTD he’s won! Let’s give him a run for his money with some awesome submissions this week!

Is this your first Figurative Language Throw Down? Check out the rules for the weekly challenge before playing for the first time.

New Experience: Cafeteria Dash!


Are you interested in writing horror stories, or stories full of suspense? Well, what better way to share that experience with your readers than by first experiencing it yourself?

Today’s challenge is to try and make it from one end of the cafeteria to the other without being seen by the watchman. One person will be the watchman and the others will be the robbers. I’ll explain the details when we get to the cafeteria, but this is basically a cafeteria version of Come to Court, if you’ve ever played that while camping.

The Prompt: Suspenseful Scene

Now, stretch your experiences running and hiding from the watchman by writing a scene in which a fictional character is trying to steal some valuable object from a heavily guarded location. The details are up to you! If you so wish, you may even stretch your scene into a full story!

That’s All, Folks!

Struggling to find ideas? Having trouble finding the words to express your ideas? You’re not alone! Check outWriter’s Block Therapy for cathartic memes and tweets!

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Tune in next week for a new writing prompt!

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