Of Mice and Men Unit Introduction – English 9 Honors

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Welcome back! I hope you had an excellent winter break.

Today we’re going to start our new unit on John Steinbeck and his novel Of Mice and Men. Before we start reading, you need to learn a bit about the 1930s and about Steinbeck’s life and career.

Bell Ringer

Using a blue or black ink pen, write down everything you know about the Great Depression. This can be a list, a paragraph, a web, or whatever form you prefer for brain-dumping.

Guided Notes

As you watch the video below, fill out the guided notes. Don’t worry about the question or summary sections until after the video is over. Pay close attention as you watch! Some of the answers are within the same minute or two, and other answers are spaced out over the course of several minutes.

If you do not have a copy of the guided notes in front of you, you may download them here.

Synthesis Time!

Before turning in your notes, fill in the blanks for the possible test questions. Then, answer the essential question and summarize the most important points of the video using no fewer than five sentences.

Your guided notes are due at the end of the period, and will be the first grade entered into the grade book for the semester. Make sure you do a good job!

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