Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Six

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Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge

Elijah and Jel were tied during last week‘s #QuillsandThrillsFLTD with “Breakfast to start the day off right, Betrayal eats a plate of broken friendships with lies, and a side of disloyalty,” and “On behalf of Ms. Betrayal, she eats all the negative impact with others who have simply become happy,” respectively.

Is this your first Figurative Language Throw Down? Check out the rules for the weekly challenge before playing for the first time.

New Experience: Everything But Sight

One of the most important qualities we can have both as writers and as compassionate individuals is empathy. Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another,” and it is a necessary skill to create authentic and convincing characters (and to not be a jerk-face).

Because so few individuals with disabilities are positively represented in literature, many young people with disabilities often feel alone and abnormal. As young writers, it is important for you recognize this societal issue and fight to overcome it. As you continue to build your writing portfolio, you may find that you need to write from the perspective of a character with a disability. To do this authentically and without being offensive, it is important for you to conduct research and to adjust your perspective. Sometimes, you may also wish to experience the sensations these individuals experience.

82663366Today’s challenge is to complete a series of challenges on the top floor of F-Building while blindfolded. As you try to make you way around the building, pay attention to your other senses. Since you cannot rely on your sense of sight, what other methods can you use to make sure you don’t run into walls, objects, or other people?

Challenge 1: Make a lap around the top floor of F-Building – you will start from the classroom door and end at the classroom door.

Challenge 2: Find a specific locker without the aid of another person.

Challenge 3: Find a water fountain without the aid of another person.

Once you’ve finished, reflect on the experience. What challenges did you face? What strategies did you use to overcome those challenges?

The Prompt: Sightless Scene

Now that you’ve experienced the top floor of freshman building while blindfolded, write a scene in which you appeal to every sensation except for the sense of sight. There may be several ways you do this:

  1. Perhaps your character is blindfolded. Why are they blindfolded? What do they need to do? Is there danger involved, or just fun?
  2. Perhaps your character is newly blind or visually impaired. Why can’t they see? Is it permanent? What are they trying to do?
  3. Perhaps your character was born without the ability to see. How would their description of the world be different from those who once could see and now can not?

Want to learn more about how people who are blind view the world? Check out the video below (thanks for sharing, Steph!)

That’s All, Folks!

Struggling to find ideas? Having trouble finding the words to express your ideas? You’re not alone! Check out Writer’s Block Therapy for cathartic memes and tweets!

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