English 9 Honors – Group Essay and Homework- Jan. 21

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Greetings, Jags!

You’re writing another essay today, but this time you’re writing it in class and in your groups from Tuesday.

Prompt: How does your assigned character help to communicate a theme of Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men? Your essay must include the following elements:

  • Thesis statement
  • Thematic statement
  • Textual evidence for every claim
  • Analysis for every piece of evidence
  • More than three paragraphs
  • An introduction and conclusion

While you are all responsible for coming up with ideas and writing the essay, each group member will advocate for a specific quality or a specific element necessary to writing strong essays:

  1. Prompt – Ask yourself, does everything in this essay support the answer to the prompt in some way? Also, did we use Standard English in the entire essay?
  2. Thesis – Ask yourself: how can we strengthen the thesis statement? Does everything in the essay support the thesis statement? If not, what revisions should we make?
  3. Theme – Ask yourself: do we accurately identify, describe, and refer back to the theme of the novel? Does our word choice in the essay also reflect or allude to the theme?
  4. Structure – Ask yourself: did we use strong sentence structure with a variety of types of sentences? Are our paragraphs well structured and does every sentence serve the purpose it needs to serve?
  5. Organization of Ideas – Ask yourself: Is our essay well organized at the paragraph level? Are our main idea chunks within our paragraphs well organized? Are our words within our sentences well organized? How can we revise our paper to be well organized?

You have until the end of the period to write you essay! Ready…set…go!

Homework – Due Friday, January 22nd

Read chapter four of Of Mice and Men. Then, complete the character analysis sheet on Crooks. Remember, a character analysis sheet can have the following components:

  • An illustration of the character with evidence to support all physical features
  • Quotes that illustrate personality traits
  • Quotes that support how the character drives the plot
  • Quotes that support how the character supports the developing theme

Remember, these should be bright and colorful! Tomorrow, you will use this analysis sheet to write another in class essay on Crooks. Make sure you’re prepared by reading and finishing your homework! You can also prepare for class tomorrow by reviewing the Timed Writing Guidelines.

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