English 9 Honors – Of Mice and Men Chapter Five Shenanigans

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Good morning, Jags!

Check out the slides below for your bell-ringer activity. Looking at the post-it notes you put on the timeline, answer the questions below:

  1. Which events seem to be the most important in the novel? Why?
  2. How are all of these events connected?

Daily Reading

  1. Chapter Five of Of Mice and Men – What has happened to Curley’s wife by the end of chapter five? How might this contribute to the development of the theme of the novel? How does George react to the events that happen in the middle of the chapter? What strategies does Steinbeck use to reveal George’s emotions?
  2. Steinbeck’s letter to Miss.Claire Luce – Why was it necessary for Steinbeck to write Miss. Claire Luce a letter? What does this indicate about the society at the time?

Literary Analysis

Take notes on the Feminist Literary Lens. After learning more about how women have historically been portrayed in literature and the media, answer the following question in the reflection section of your notebook: How has your opinion of Curley’s wife changed since the beginning of the novel?

Homework Due Friday, January 29th

Your homework is to analyze the significance of Curley’s wife to the novel and to society. Use at least one piece of textual evidence from the novel, and one piece of textual evidence from Steinbeck’s letter to Miss. Claire Luce. Make sure you are effectively embedding evidence to support your claims!


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