English 9 Honors: Jackson vs. Steinbeck – February 2, 2016

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Yesterday, your homework was to use the Text-Based Frayer Model to explore three different abstract concepts from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and to write one level-three question for each abstract concept. Please pull out the three level-three questions you wrote for homework. Then, trade papers with someone across the room, not with your elbow partner.

  1. Read and analyze the level three questions on your partner’s paper. Of the three questions, which is the strongest? Why?
  2. Copy the strongest of the questions on a blank sheet of paper. Then, answer it using two or three main idea chunks. Don’t forget to embed your evidence!

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Read and annotate “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

You already know that Of Mice and Men was published in 1937. Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery,” was published in 1948.

In groups of three to four, read and annotate “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. As you read, pay close attention to foreshadowing, tone, mood, and other important elements that contribute to the theme of the text. As a group, discuss the similarities and difference between Jackson’s short story and Steinbeck’s novella, including how social issues of the times in which they were written may or may not have inspired the plot and theme of each text.

Once you have finished the story, use brightly colored markers to write two level-three questions on a blank sheet of paper to hang in the hall. As a class, we will hold a vote to determine which question to add to next Thursday’s Socratic Seminar.

Make sure you use the four-step process to writing strong, level-three questions!

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