Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Ten

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Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge

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New Experience: Imaginary World MadLibs!

Make lists of three random places, three random times, and three random actions. Then, plug those actions in to the following MadLib frame:

You live on PLACE in TIME and you’re trying to RANDOM ACT.

Now, you will act out your MadLib in front of the class!

The Prompt: World Building

Characters and actions cannot exist in a vacuum. They need a world to live in and interact with. The world you build for your characters will depend on the genre you’re writing for: fantasy stories usually take place in a world with limited technology and mythological creatures, while science fiction stories usually take place sometime in the future with extremely advanced technology and aliens or highly evolved creatures. Other genres, like mystery and drama, usually take place in our own modern world.

Today, take some time to describe the world in which your character exists. Think about the different settings your character will interactive with or refer to. Try to answer these questions:

  • How does your world work?
  • What does your world look like? Smell like? Sound like? Feel like?
  • What types of foods and beverages are most common in your world? What is considered rare and gourmet?
  • Why types of clothing do people wear in your world?
  • Where do people live in your world? In castles? Houses? Apartments? Shacks? Cardboard boxes?
  • What language do people speak in your world?
  • What social problems exist in this world? While these problems may not directly impact your character, they will most likely affect the plot and interactions with others.

Can you think of any other questions to consider when world building?

That’s All, Folks!

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