Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Eleven

Happy Tuesday, Quillers and Thrillers!

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Do your parents prefer that you refrain from publishing your writing online? No problem! You can still participate in the writing prompts and keep a journal!

Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge

We had a four-way tie last week! Let’s see who will win this week’s challenge!

Check out the submissions to this week’s post here to vote. Is this your first Figurative Language Throw Down? Check out the rules for the weekly challenge before playing for the first time.

New Experience: Zip, Zap & Zop

Let’s think of how you all as writers can work as a community with one another. We have a great community building ice breaker. This is named Zip, Zap & Zop. This game will serve as a useful tool to learn how to work with your fellow peers. Each one of you will stand in a circle and one person will start off pointing at another person shouting Zip, Zap & Zop. You must clap your hands as you say one of these words and then point to the opposite person to keep the game going.

The Prompt: What’s your voice?

What’s your voice when it comes to your own writing? Is it male, female, or something in between (animal)? How do you think your voice sounds? If you could describe your voice as a writer, what might your voice look like? After you practice writing what your own voice sounds like to you write a story with a character who’s describing what your voice looks like.

That’s All, Folks!

Struggling to find ideas? Having trouble finding the words to express your ideas? You’re not alone! Check out Writer’s Block Therapy for cathartic memes and tweets!

If you publish your own response to this prompt somewhere on the interwebs, please share it with me by linking to it in the comments below! Just make sure to check out the Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship before creating your own blog or YouTube channel. Safety comes first!

Tune in next week for a new writing prompt!


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