Everything You Need to Know About Cornell Notes

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Hey Monarchs!

Today we’re learning all about Cornell Notes! There are three things I expect you to do today: set up the Cornell Notes template in your notebook, take Cornell Notes on the merits of Cornell Notes, and complete the quiz and summary sections of your Cornell Notes on Cornell Notes.

Set Up the Cornell Notes Template!

Click on the image to make it bigger.
Click on the image to make it bigger.

When you take notes in this class, you will use Cornell Notes in the English Class Notes section of your interactive notebook. Copy the image on the right onto pages 8 and 9 of your notebook so you always know how to set up Cornell Notes. If you have not yet set up your notebook, you can learn how by clicking here.

Take Notes on the Merits of Cornell Notes!

Many of you are probably already familiar with the Cornell Note Taking Method, but you may not be aware of the benefits of Cornell Notes. To learn more about this awesome AVID strategy, watch the video below. As you watch the video, make sure you use the Cornell Method to take strong notes! You will likely need to pause and rewind the video to catch all of the important information. I expect these notes to be on pages ten and eleven in your notebook.

Fill out the Question Section and Summary Section of your Cornell Notes on Cornell Notes!

After you’ve watched the video, make sure you create possible quiz questions in the question columns, and summarize what you’ve learned in the summary section by answering the essential question. I will expect you to do this every time we take notes in class!


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