All Things Vocabulary Week One

It’s the very first Vocabulary day, Monarchs! Hooray!

Today marks the first week you will have vocabulary homework! Hooray! Your first quiz will be on Monday, September 19th. This is also the day your vocabulary foldables will be due, so be sure to study so you can earn a good grade on your quiz! Click on the appropriate button below to see the dates and words for every quiz this year!

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English 9 Vocabulary

Please watch the video below for the definitions to your vocabulary words and the roots, prefixes, and suffixes that give the words their meaning. As you watch, make the weekly vocabulary foldable and tape it into the vocabulary section of your interactive notebook. Because I made these videos last year and the interactive notebooks were set up slightly differently, the page number for your foldable will be different from the video. Please tape your foldable onto page 118 of your notebook, not page 120 as it says in the video.

If you still need to make your root word foldable before it is due on Monday, 9/19, check out the video below. Need to download the root word foldable template? Click here!

Did you forget how to make your weekly vocabulary foldable? Check out the video below to refresh your memory.

English 10 Vocabulary

Since you are sophomores this year, your vocabulary will be on words that are commonly found on the ACT, SAT, and ASVAB assessments. These are also good words to use when writing essays for other classes or for standardized assessments. Every week, you will create a vocabulary foldable to use as a study guide. Then, you will tape or glue these foldables into the vocabulary section of your interactive notebook to refer back to later. These foldables will be due every Monday as you take your weekly quiz. Remember, if there are multiple definitions to each word, copy both definitions onto your foldable. Check out this week’s vocabulary words below:

Vocabulary 1: Quiz on September 19, 2016

  1. Aberration
  2. Abridge
  3. Accessible
  4. Antidote
  5. Appease
  6. Arable
  7. Arrogant
  8. Aspire

Not sure how to make your weekly foldable? Check out the video below!

Since you only have eight words every week instead of ten, you will only need eight sections. Also, instead of naming your foldable “Vocab 1.1,” simply title it Vocab 1.



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