English 9 and English 10 Priority List – Week of 9/12 – 9/16

Happy Monday, Monarchs!

Click on the title of this post to see your priority list for the week. The English 9 priority list is first, and the English 10 priority list is second. Remember: if you are absent, I expect you to refer to this priority list for your make-up work! Be sure to get your work turned in within two days of your return to class. If you missed a quiz, email me at kelly.hayes@aps.edu to make an appointment to make up your quiz during lunch or after school.

As a side note, I would like your feedback on the video lectures! Please take a moment to answer three short questions about my video lectures. Also, please be honest! The best way for me to help you learn is for you to tell me what you need. To access the questions, click here.

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English 9: Periods 2, 6, and 7

Monday, September 12: Today is the very first vocabulary day! In class, we will watch the introduction to Greek and Latin Roots video. Then, you will make your first root word foldable and your first weekly vocabulary foldable. Both of these foldables are due on Monday, September 19th as you take your first vocabulary quiz on Schoology in the computer lab in room K222. Homework: Create your vocabulary 1.1 study guide and study for your vocabulary quiz on Monday, 9/19. Find everything you need to complete your homework at All Things Vocabulary Week 1!

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 &14: Today we will start working on our Indulging Curiosities Research Paper which is due at the end of the next class period. You will use the online resources on the Manzano Library page to find reliable sources. Your goal for today is to find a minimum of five pieces of textual evidence to use in your eleven-sentence critical analysis paragraph. These five pieces of evidence need to be recorded in Dialectical Journal format in the Dialectical Journal section of your interactive notebook. Each piece of evidence must also have an accompanying commentary. We will be in room K222 today.

  1. Open three tabs in an internet browser: Manzano Library page, the Indulging Curiosities Research Paper prompt, and Google Drive.
  2. Log in to Google Drive using the account you made at registration or using the account you made for IMPAC.
    • Create a new folder in Google Drive. Title it “English 9”
    • Within the English 9 folder, create a new document. Title it “Indulging Curiosities.”This document is where you’ll keep track of all of the sources you’ve pulled quotes from for your research paper.
  3. Open your notebook to the Dialectical Journal section. Create a new dialectical journal for your Indulging Curiosities paper. By the end of the period, you need to copy five quotes from at least two different sources into your journal (make sure you write the source title or author next to the quote so you know where it comes from). You must also write a commentary for each quote.
    • Your dialectical journal is worth 20 points in the grade book.
      • 2 points per quote
      • 2 points per commentary

Thursday and Friday, September 15 & 16: You will have the entire period to write and finish your Indulging Curiosities Research Paper. Make sure you triple check the requirements for your paper so you can earn full points! Check out the requirements here. You will not print your essay to turn it in. Instead, you will type your essay using GoogleDocs, and you will share the document with me using the email address, kelly.hayes@aps.edu. Make sure you give me permission to comment! Don’t forget the works cited information within your document! 2nd and 7th will be in room K222, and 6th will be in room D16. 

  1. Open your indulging curiosities Google document from yesterday.
  2. Make an 11 sentence paragraph outline in the Google doc.
  3. Type your essay into the outline like we did with our language acquisition essay last week.
  4. Once you’ve finished writing the essay into the outline, remove the outline scaffolding and put all of the sentences together to form one paragraph.
  5. Under your paragraph, make your Works Cited page. Use the examples below as a guide.
  6. Proof-read and use MLA formatting
    • Name, teacher name, period number, date in top left corner
    • Last name and page number in top right corner
    • 1″ margins
    • 11 pt. Calibri font (including the title! Do not bold, italicize, or underline the title)
    • Double-Spaced
    • Works Cited page with 1 book source and 1 web source
  7. Share the Google Doc with me by clicking “Share” in the top right corner of the screen. Type in my email address: kelly.hayes@aps.edu and give me permission to either Edit or Comment.

English 10: Periods 3 and 4

Monday, September 12: Today is our very first vocabulary day! We will begin class by making our first vocabulary foldable, and I will give you your words for the week. Your vocabulary foldable is due on Monday, September 19th which is the same day as your vocabulary quiz. Once you finish making your foldable,  you will need to take Cornell notes on Embedding Evidence into your Writing. Whatever time you have left at the end of the period is yours to work on your Adolescent Issues Research Paper.

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 &14: We will review how to write the eleven-sentence critical analysis paragraph today by taking notes on the Eleven-Sentence Paragraph video. Then, we will quickly review how to properly format a works cited page. You will have the rest of the period to work on your Adolescent Issues Research PaperWe will be in room K222 today.

Thursday and Friday, September 15 & 16: Today, we will discuss how to write a closed thesis statement, an introduction, and a conclusion. Then, you will have the rest of the period to work on your Adolescent Issues Research Paper. This is the last day for you to work on your research paper in class! The paper is due on September 20 & 21, so whatever you do not finish in class today will become homework. 4th periods will be in room D16, and 3rd period will be in room K222.

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