Assignment for Monday, February 27 – ALL CLASSES

Buon Giorno, Monarchs!

I’m sorry to tell you that you will NOT have a vocabulary quiz again today. I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you. I seem to have contracted yet another illness, and this time it seems to be a viral flu of some sort. I decided to stay home today in order to prevent the spread of whatever virus I have now, and also to get lots of rest so I can (hopefully) be back at school tomorrow. You will take your quiz and turn in your vocabulary foldables when I return to school. 

Your assignment for today is to create a crossword puzzle using your vocabulary words for both this week and next week. That means you are to use your vocabulary words for week fifteen and week sixteen! The specific vocabulary words are listed below.

When creating your crossword puzzle, you must make sure that every word connects to at least one other word in the crossword puzzle. Your clues may be either the definition of the word, a synonym for the word, or a sentence using the wordIf you opt to use the word in a sentence as a clue, make sure you replace the word with a blank, just as I do for your weekly vocabulary quizzes.

If you don’t know how to make a crossword puzzle, check out this helpful website.

Freshmen – you will need twenty words total, that is the ten words from 4.3 and the ten words from 4.4. You can find those words below:

4.3 Vocabulary Words

  1. Loc: Logical
  2. Lum/Luc: Luminous
  3. Manu: Manufacture
  4. Mar: Maritime
  5. Mater/Pater: Matriarch
  6. Mit/Miss: Intermittent
  7. Mob/Mot/Mov: Motile
  8. Mon: Monument
  9. Vid/Vis: Visionary
  10. Academic: Convey

4.4 Vocabulary Words

  1. Loc: Locomotion
  2. Lum/Luc: Lucid
  3. Manu: Manipulate
  4. Mar: Marinate
  5. Mater/Pater: Patriotism
  6. Mit/Miss: Submissive
  7. Mob/Mot/Mov: Mobile
  8. Mon: Monitor
  9. Vid/Vis: Improvise
  10. Academic: Conjecture

Sophomores – you will need sixteen words total, that is the eight words from week fifteen and eight words from week sixteen. You can find those words below:

Week Fifteen Vocabulary Words

  1. Inertia
  2. Rabelaisian
  3. Libretto
  4. Casus Belli
  5. Disparage
  6. Alleged
  7. Anomaly
  8. Deride

Week Sixteen Vocabulary Words

  1. Equine
  2. Contentious
  3. Phlegmatic
  4. Sardonic
  5. Pubescent
  6. Stagnant
  7. Auger
  8. Antidote

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