Priority List: 8/28 – 9/1

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Essential Question: How will I be a positive member of the classroom community this year?

All Classes

We’re doing the first baseline assessment of the semester today. If you are absent, please see me during lunch or make an appointment to meet after school so you can make-up your baseline assessment.

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 29-30, 2017

English 9

Essential Question: How can I avoid run-on sentences and incomplete sentences in my writing?

This week, we will be working off of Write Rockin’ Sentences with Basic Sentence Structure.

1st Period: We will begin with a Kahoot on basic sentence structure to assess what you already know. Then, we will continue with Parts 1 and 2 of the basic sentence structure videos. I expect you to take Cornell notes in the English Toolbox section of your notebook.

7th Period: We will continue our work with the basic sentence structure videos from last week. You will have time to finish your notes on the first video in class before we move on to the second video. Once you finish taking notes on both videos, write a poem about sentence structure in which you use at least two simple sentences, two compound sentences, two complex sentences, and two compound-complex sentences.

English 10

Essential Question: How can I make my writing more concise and meaningful?

4th Period: Now that you’ve completed your notes on basic sentence structure and practiced applying what you’ve learned by playing sentence structure shuffle in groups last week, we will review what you’ve learned with Kahoot. Then, you will write a paragraph about a random (and goofy) topic in which you use all four types of sentences.

You will end the period by taking Cornell notes on the video, Using Phrases as a Camera Lens.

6th Period: We will continue working on our essays in the same groups from last week. If you were absent last week, see me and I’ll assign you to a group. Today, we will stretch our claims, counter-claims, and rebuttals into full sentences and copy them onto slips of paper along with evidence that supports your claims.

English 11

Essential Question: How can subtle changes in syntax change a sentence’s meaning?

2nd Period: We will continue our study of syntax as a rhetorical device with a debrief on how Kurt Vonnegut Jr. uses syntax to add meaning and emphasis to “Harrison Bergeron.” Then, in groups of three to four, you will analyze the syntax in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech to discuss how he uses sentence structure, phrases, and punctuation to make his speech particularly powerful.

Thursday and Friday, August 31-September 1, 2017

English 9

Essential Question: How can I avoid run-on sentences and incomplete sentences in my writing?

1st Period: We will spend these two periods working on a poem about basic sentence structure. Your poem must use at least two of each type of sentence, and it must be about basic sentence structure. Then, we will end these two periods with Kahoot.

7th Period: We will spend the period revising your poems about basic-sentence structure and creating a decorative display to hang on the walls in the hall. We will then end the period with Kahoot.

English 10

Essential Question: How can I make my writing more concise and meaningful?

4th Period: We will spend the period writing poems about syntax using simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences as well as absolute, participial, and appositive phrases. Your poem must be about syntax, and you must have at least one of each type of sentence/phrase in your poem.

6th Period: We will spend the period playing with the essay manipulatives we created earlier this week. Instead of playing with your own sentence slips, you will trade with another group and try to decide how you would organize their essay. We will then have a gallery walk of all the essays to determine what different groups did well and how others could have improved.

English 11

Essential Question: How can subtle changes in syntax change a sentence’s meaning?

2nd Period: We will spend the period taking notes on the different types of syntactical patterns that bend the rules of syntax. Then, we will study how Susan B. Anthony uses some of these syntactical patterns in her speech, “On Women’s Right to Vote” from 1873.

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