Priority List: 11/13 – 11/17

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Goeije Morn, Monarchs!

Click on the title of this post to see your priority list for the week. When looking at your daily assignments, be sure to look at your correct class. Remember: if you are absent, I expect you to refer to this priority list for your make-up work! Be sure to get your work turned in within two days of your return to class. If you missed a quiz, email me at to make an appointment to make up your quiz during lunch or after school.

Monday, November 13, 2017

English 9

It’s vocabulary day! We will begin the day by taking our vocabulary quiz on Schoology. Then, you will create your Week Ten Study Guide in the vocabulary section of your notebook.

You no longer need to set up your vocabulary study guides as foldable as described in the video. Instead, you may set up each page in your notebook to look like the template above.

Watch the video below to add the words and definitions to your study guide.

English 10

It’s vocabulary day! We will begin by taking the weekly vocabulary quiz on Schoology. Then, you will create your Week Ten Study Guide in the vocabulary section of your notebook. Your words for the week are below:

  1. Ambiguity
  2. Euphemism
  3. Evoke
  4. Nuance
  5. Parable
  6. Paradox
  7. Rhetoric
  8. Advocacy

English 11

It is ACT and ASVAB Study Day! We will begin with a review of the vocabulary words that often appear on placement exams. Today is Jace and Destiny’s day to present their vocabulary game for last week’s words. Once we’ve finished the game, please copy and define next week’s words into your notebook.

These words we address in ACT/ASVAB Prep will not only help you to prepare for these important placement exams, but they will also help you use more precise diction when analyzing texts and discussing individuals motivations and behaviors. They will also be organized by meaning, making this an excellent reference for you to use throughout the school year.

“No” Words:

  1. Abstemious
  2. Disenfranchise
  3. Expurgate
  4. Impunity
  5. Misnomer
  6. Nondescript
  7. Tacit
  8. Nugatory
  9. Sinecure
  10. Impasse

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 14 – 15, 2017

English 9

Essential Questions: How can abstract concepts deepen your analysis of a text?

Today you will use the Text-Based Frayer Model to explore one of the abstract concepts from “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. This will prepare you to deepen your understanding and analysis of the role abstract concepts play in our daily lives through level-three questions, thematic statements, and conceptual analogies.

English 10

Essential Question: How the tragic hero archetype reflect cultural morals and values? How can it be used to challenge cultural morals and values?

Today is the beginning of our unit of The Pearl by John Steinbeck! Yay! This is one of my all-time favorite novels, so I am very excited to start reading it with you today! This unit will end with your final project for fall semester: a tragic hero children’s book! More details will follow shortly, however you may want to start thinking about how you will write a children’s book using the tragic hero archetype.

Today we will read chapters one and two of The Pearl. Since this book is full of beautiful phrases, you are to simply find quotes exemplifying Steinbeck’s mastery of observation and language. In other words, how does he communicate the truth of human existence in concise, euphonic phrases?

English 11

Essential Questions: How can I strengthen my literary analysis by selecting strong textual evidence?

Today we will continue reading The Jungle. Instead of keeping a dialectical journal, you will work with your group members to select only three of the most significant quotes from chapters 10, 11, and 12. You may not select the same quotes as another group.

Click here to access the Google Doc. You must be logged in to Google Docs using your APS credentials in order to access the document.

Thursday and Friday, November 16 – 17, 2017

English 9

Essential Question: How can abstract concepts deepen your analysis of a text?

Today you will use your Text-Based Frayer Model to write one of each item about “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson:

  • Conceptual Analogy
  • Thematic Statement
  • Level Three Question

English 10

Essential Questions: How does Steinbeck criticize the institutions the typical American values the most?

Before we read, you will complete a quick write in the reflection section of your notebook. Your quick write prompt is: what expectations do we typically have of the medical profession and religious institutions?

English 11

Essential Question: How can I strengthen my literary analysis by selecting strong textual evidence?

Today we first determine which abstract concepts are best exemplified by the quotes you selected last period. Then, you will turn the quotes into strong level-three questions to use during the next Socratic Seminar and timed writing.

Once we finish, you will continue reading chapters 13-18 as homework. Instead of keeping dialectical journals for these chapters, you may choose between annotating the text using post-it notes, continuing the dialectical journal model, or keeping Cornell notes on the events and on your analysis of the text. When you return to class on Monday, you will take a reading accountability quiz on the events of the assigned reading. 

You will continue reading The Jungle as homework, and you will continue to have accountability quizzes at the end of each section of assigned reading. You may see the completion and accountability quiz dates below:

  • Chapters 13-18 – Due 11/20
  • Chapters 19-24 – Due 11/27
  • Chapters 25-27 – Due 11/30
  • Chapters 28-31 – Due 12/4

You will have December fourth through eight to work on your final for the class.

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