Howdy, Monarchs!

Since we’re in the middle of PARCC testing and since our current testing schedule gives me between four and six extra instructional hours with second, third, and fourth periods, you will work on a fun project that gives your brain a break while also exercising your English Language Arts skills. You have two options for your Brain-Break Enrichment Project: a group video project and an individual poetic art project.

Group Option: Feel the Feels Documentary Project

Far too often, teenagers suffer from low self-esteem or confidence, parents and teachers feel under-appreciated, and both groups tend to be overly critical of themselves. For this project, you will first brainstorm ways to point out positive characteristics of individuals around campus. Then, you will capture video of yourself and your group members implementing your plan to spread awareness of people’s positive characteristics . Finally, you will use iMovie to edit the video footage into an inspiration documentary.


Due on Monday, April 17: Link to video emailed to Mrs. Dutro

Independent Option: Self-Portrait Project

You will write a poem describing your inner-self only using figurative language. Then, you will transform your poem into a 3D representation of yourself, making sure to include the poem somewhere on your self-portrait.


  • Sculpture
  • Time Capsule
  • Diorama
  • Article of Clothing
  • Musical Instrument
  • Anything else you can think of!

Due on Monday, April 17: Poem and 3D Representation