Using Phrases as a Camera Lens

Howdy, Monarchs! Once you fully understand basic sentence structure (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences), you’re ready to start zooming in on different details by adding phrases to your sentences. There are three types of phrases you can use to zoom … Continued

Rock PARCC With These 10 Easy Steps

The English PARCC Assessment is right around the corner, Jags! While everything Mr. Rasberry and I have taught you this year has prepared you for this important assessment, we would like to teach you some test taking strategies so you … Continued

How to Analyze a Poem: A Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Read the title and the entire poem without stopping. Step 2: Break up the poem into separate ideas and/or stanzas. Step 3: Consider the title and author: what information does this convey? Step 4: Paraphrase the surface meaning … Continued

How to Write Level Three Questions: A Four-Step Process

Why ask strong questions about a text? Good readers always ask questions about the text, even when they don’t know how to find the answer. Questions help to deepen understanding about a text, and strong questions force you to look … Continued

Timed Writing Guidelines

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Rock your next timed writing! Make sure you’re prepared for every timed writing assignment by completing the assigned reading and homework assignments before every class period! If you know the essay prompt ahead of time, take notes targeting the prompt … Continued

How to Use Textual Evidence in Your Writing

Essential Question: How can I use textual evidence to support my claims? When we write in an academic capacity (that’s a fancy pants way of saying “when we write for school”), we’re always expected to use textual evidence to support … Continued

Writing the Eleven Sentence Critical Analysis Paragraph

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Greetings, Monarchs! Often, I expect students to write five-paragraph essays with eleven-sentence critical analysis body paragraphs. To successfully write a critical analysis paragraph, you need to make sure that every sentence serves the purpose it needs to serve. Continue reading … Continued

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