Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Two

Greetings, Quillers and Thrillers! Welcome back to Quills and Thrills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation! If you were here last week, I hope you got your Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship pledge and permission form signed by your parents … Continued

Have you heard about Quills and Thrills yet?

Want to know more? Read all about it at What is Quills and Thrills? Ready to start the first writing prompt? Check it out at Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week One! Download a printable version of the Ten Commandments … Continued

Writing the Eleven Sentence Critical Analysis Paragraph

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Greetings, Monarchs! Often, I expect students to write five-paragraph essays with eleven-sentence critical analysis body paragraphs. To successfully write a critical analysis paragraph, you need to make sure that every sentence serves the purpose it needs to serve. Continue reading … Continued

Write Rockin’ Sentences with Basic Sentence Structure

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Welcome back to class, Monarchs! Let’s talk about basic sentence structure! Check out the first video to learn all about simple and compound sentences, then watch the second video to learn all about complex and compound-complex sentences. Make sure you take Cornell notes … Continued

My First Flippin’ Video

Hot diggity, dear reader! I finished editing my first flipped video last night, and I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out! You can see it below. Many thanks to Abacaba, Kate Gardoqui, and Gastondeluxe for the video clips! Video Recording and Editing … Continued

(Somewhat) Random Thoughts about Writing

Once, in eighth grade, my teacher had us write a short story. I don’t remember the details of the assignment, but I remember the story I wrote. It was about a bear and a trout, and as soon as I … Continued

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