How to Set Up a Blog with WordPress

Oh, happy day, Quillers and Thrillers! You’re about to start your very own blog! Few things are more exciting than publishing writing you’re proud of to the internet and sharing it with your friends and family. Before you create a … Continued

Pinterest 101

Only the cool kids are invited… Like many people, I didn’t really feel the need to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, but then I had to do a presentation on how to use social networking in the classroom. Pinterest is … Continued

iTube? No…YouTube!

I love YouTube. I am not the type of person who uses it every day or spends hours watching different videos, but I love how easy it is to find great videos and share them with my friends. Usually, I … Continued

Teacher, Meet Technology

So, February 1st is Digital Literacy Day. It was also the day I led a My Big Campus workshop for the other teachers at my school. This was completely coincidental. First, allow me to explain what My Big Campus is. … Continued

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